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With budgets and time at a premium, many PowerSchool customers choose to host their PowerSchool instance. With PowerSchool hosting service, your unique needs and circumstances are supported by this reliable, secure PowerSchool management option.

We are pleased to offer PowerSchool Hosting, which allows districts to save money, reduce risk, and foster an effective and efficient technology environment.

Gain More, Invest Less

Lower your initial and overall costs

Allowing us to host PowerSchool is a great way to save money on your initial and ongoing investment in hardware, software, and facilities. PowerSchool provides and manages the infrastructure for you in a SAS 70 certified data center, ensuring that your PowerSchool instance is always running in an optimal environment consisting of leading-edge hardware, business practices, and disaster recovery technologies and strategies. You never have to worry about upgrading or replacing servers as they become obsolete by their manufacturer or no longer suitable for your enrollment growth or increasing needs. You don't have to determine whether or not you have enough space for the servers, if they are adequately cooled, or if they are protected from vandalism, theft, fire, flooding, or natural disasters.

By leveraging the expertise of PowerSchool's hosting organization, you can avoid the expense of hiring new IT staff or training existing employees to maintain the servers, update the software, keep up to speed on the latest system requirements, or manage the PowerSchool environment. Instead of spending money on infrastructure that will only age and depreciate with time, PowerSchool Hosting Service allows you to save money and spend those funds on what matters most— your students' futures.

Free up staff time

When implementing PowerSchool in our hosted environment, you don't need to worry about buying and installing the necessary hardware or learning how to deploy, configure, and maintain PowerSchool and Oracle®. Your staff will not be required to monitor back-ups and perform updates. We manage these critical tasks so that your staff can focus on student performance.

You are in control

Customers taking advantage of PowerSchool's Hosting Service enjoy the many benefits that a hosting environment offers, yet are still able to maintain several aspects of control and freedom with their PowerSchool instance. Hosted clients are able to post their own customizations in PowerSchool and restart the application themselves. They can choose to have their PowerSchool instance automatically updated when new releases become available as well. In addition, we provide all hosted clients with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface capability. With ODBC, customers export PowerSchool data into third party software such as Microsoft Excel® or Access®, Cognos® reports, or Crystal® reports and analyze and manipulate data to make more informed decisions about their students.

The Team You Can Rely On

As the leading provider of K12 education solutions for student information management, PowerSchool is a name you can trust.

Join the thousands of schools that are already taking advantage of PowerSchool Hosting Services. Save time and money, and gain peace of mind from knowing that your environment is managed by those who know PowerSchool best.

For more information about PowerSchool visit or call 877.873.1550.

"The continuing support we receive for our product, PowerSchool, is the best in the business. Pearson's wide array of technical support resources and quick response to our needs demonstrates the importance they place on customers."

- Director of IT,
Westside Community Schools

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