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Make Data Protection A Priority

Catastrophic data loss can occur at any time. Pearson's Data Continuity Service (DCS) provides you with a comprehensive and highly secure disaster recovery solution, offering off-site, secure data storage and prompt data restoration in the event your on-site data suffers irreparable harm.

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When you purchase Pearson's Data Continuity Service, you'll receive:

  • Collection and transmission - On a nightly basis, your data will be automatically collected and compressed using both 256-bit military-grade AES and 448-bit blowfish encryption, and then transmitted with 128-bit SSL encryption. This process is the safest most secure way to transmit data available today, so you can be confident your data will be protected.
  • Storage - Pearson has teamed with data storage giant Decho to provide a secure data storage for our customers. After transmission, your data is password-protected by Pearson and stored, using 448-bit blowfish encryption, on three separate servers housed in multiple, temperature-controlled, fire proof, seismic-resistant facilities, where personnel access is strictly limited. In addition, your data is stored using proprietary software that prevents even Decho employees from viewing and accessing it. Each data transmission is stored for 30 days, protecting you against undiscovered errors and loss of data. We take these measures so you can be confident your data is safe, secure and accessible when you need it.
  • Restoration - Pearson will restore your data up to two times per year in the event you suffer irretrievable loss. Restoring an instance of PowerSchoolŪ is not an easy task; it requires astute knowledge of where your data, customizations, and other PowerSchool files are located. Pearson performs thousands of restoration procedures every year, which is why we are confident in our ability to restore your data within one business day or less should you suffer a catastrophic loss.

A Team You Can Rely On

As the leading provider of K12 education solutions for student information management, Pearson is a name you can trust. Protect yourself from data liability; let our dedicated team of professionals secure your data and provide you with peace of mind.

"The continuing support we receive for our product, PowerSchool, is the best in the business. Pearson's wide array of technical support resources and quick response to our needs demonstrates the importance they place on customers."

- Director of IT,
Westside Community Schools

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