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At Pearson, we've long considered teachers to be the key to the widespread adoption of a Student Information System (SIS) by the entire school community. That's because most of the data that parents and students are interested in comes from the classroom. But if teachers are given a tool they don't like to use, parents and students will quickly learn that the data on their portal does not update very often, and they will soon stop paying attention.

Today, when a district implements a new SIS, teachers represent the largest group of affected users. Yet, teachers often have little or no say in the SIS decision-making process. As a result, teachers often continue to use outdated or their own third-party teacher tools, and only periodically use those supplied by the SIS.

What teachers don't need is yet another tool that promises to revolutionize their classroom. They need a tool to help them manage the realities of their existing methodologies and culture... teacher tools that are functional, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, visually appealing, and even fun. At Pearson we're committed to providing teachers with intuitive and powerful tools to help them seamlessly manage grades, students and classrooms.

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"PowerSchool is a favorite among all stakeholders in the district, but particularly among parents and teachers. The parent portal has transformed the collaborative process among parents and teachers and enabling them to focus on the crux of the student information system - student performance and achievement."

- Catherine Hamilton
Database Specialist,
Natomas Unified School District

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