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One size does not fit all when it comes to serving the individual challenges and complex educational technology needs of the more than 15,000 school districts in the U.S. From the largest public school system to the smallest rural school, each district has a unique set of traditions, processes, and systems that require customizable solutions. As key stakeholders in education, we must be willing to transform and grow with new technologies and opportunities that will open the door to the future of education.

No two school districts are alike. Whether it's limited resources, budget constraints or legacy technologies, each district has a unique set of challenges. As such, each school and district must choose a student information system (SIS) that best meets their individual needs and supports the future integration of other best of breed solutions. As there is no single solution or system that can fulfill the needs and meet the challenges of every school or district, it's important to have choice. Choice creates the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, assess and create in ways that meet our particular needs.

While they may vary in scope, size, capabilities and vision, these systems have had and will continue to have a transformational impact on the day-to-day operations of tens of thousands of schools in the U.S. With the right student information system, schools and districts can address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth and scalability, while powering the performance of each constituent in today's educational landscape - from administrators and teachers to parents and students. This is why Pearson offers a choice in our student information systems.

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"What's the best part of PowerSchool? I get to come home from school every day and check my grades!"

- Zharia White
7th Grader,
Ron Clark Academy

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