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Analyzing Student Data

Quick and easy access to student performance data is critical to making timely strategic decisions. But access alone isn't enough. Schools and districts also need to analyze performance data from various perspectives, find patterns, and see the "big picture." With a "big picture view" of individual student performance, teachers are better able to identify potential problems and take the appropriate prescriptive or preventative actions to ensure each student is performing to the best of their abilities.

In the age of increased accountability, it is not enough to simply look at summative, high stakes results once a year. Often, by the time these results are available, it is too late to provide the interventions necessary to prepare students to master content standards and meet state and federal requirements. It is essential that educators and administrators know early on which students and schools need help, whether it be to meet the passing standard or to meet the standards for the highest level of achievement.

Educators need data reporting systems that can deliver a complete performance picture, which reports and analyzes the results from all a district's important assessments, including but not limited to state high stakes and other state tests, national norm referenced tests, early literacy assessments, and any non-proprietary formative assessments. With this educators can better measure performance against local, state, and federal standards; make informed, collaborative decisions for student, school, and district improvement; and target students, teachers, and schools in need of assistance.

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