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Since 1997, Pearson, government agencies, state departments of educations and other industry leaders have worked together to develop the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF). SIF is a neutral consortium (SIF Association) that develops standards that allow districts to select and integrate various best-of-breed applications into a single enterprise-level system. SIF ensures that your instructional and administrative software applications can share information seamlessly across multiple applications.

SIF simplifies data exchange among all types of instructional and administrative applications. Student Information Systems (SIS) software, transportation and food service software, library automation systems, learning management systems, assessment management, state reporting and directory management systems can seamlessly interoperate with the use of SIF. The key benefit being that districts gain immediate access to all their data ,including information stored in different systems. This means districts can make important decisions based on real-time data.

The Industry's Premier Zone Integration Server

In order to benefit from SIF, districts must purchase a Zone Integration Server. A ZIS is the central middleware component of SIF. The SIFWorks Enterprise ZIS is the industry's premier ZIS. Used in more SIF installations than any other, the SIFWorks Enterprise ZIS is SIF 2 certified and delivers full support for all versions of the SIF standard. The SIFWorks Enterprise ZIS has been certified with the full complement of SIF security and authentication levels and runs on a variety of popular operating systems. It is a standalone solution, requiring no third-party messaging or database components.

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