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  • 10 Real-life Examples of Social Media for Education

    By: Diane Weaver | September, 2013 | 4,773 views | No Comments | Posted in: Social Media in the Classroom, Uncategorized

    We know that social media for education is becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, but I love to see new real-life ideas for implementation. Here are 10 recent (and new to me) examples of social media in the classroom:

    Historical Figure Page- Create a Facebook page as if you are a historical figure. This is a great way for students to get to know them in a modern way! Share status updates, likes, interests, etc. as if you were acting as that person.

    Surprise Extra Credit- Post extra credit assignments …

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  • LinkedIn for Educators: Add these 5 easy tips to your summer PD

    By: Diane Weaver | July, 2013 | 2,210 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Social Media in the Classroom

    When I first found out about LinkedIn, it was a great relief. Goodbye 3.5 by 2 inch paper cards with cryptic notes I had scrawled in the moment to help me recall why so-and-so was an important connection. Hello phone app and instant profiles with contact info, resume, and portfolio information.
    It really is a brilliant social networking site because it has a very specific purpose and audience–to connect working professionals. Yes, this includes education professionals!

    Whether or not you are already on LinkedIn, here are some best practices for educators to …

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  • Twitter Roundup: Last Month’s Best Education Tweets

    By: Diane Weaver | April, 2013 | 2,985 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Social Media in the Classroom

    image from iStock
    Twitter is always an excellent resource to find great articles within the education field. For this post, I searched some of education’s most popular hashtags- #edchat, #edtech, and #lrnchat- to provide you with some highlights from last month’s Twitter feed. Here are some of the more interesting and informative articles I came across:

    “Education Technology Success Stories”- This article, written by Darrell M. West and Joshua Bleiberg, landscapes a few different education technology success stories. It begins with a moving story of how a young girl from Pakistan was …

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  • Favorite Education Hashtags and How to Use Them

    By: Diane Weaver | January, 2013 | 6,030 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Social Media in the Classroom

    The internet is transforming the practice of professional development as we know it, and I cannot stress enough about the importance of collaborating with other education leaders on the web! More specifically, the social media network Twitter (follow us! @PearsonK12Tech) has a large community of people talking education—with useful hashtags organizing the many topics being discussed. These hashtags are often seen being used in other social networking spaces as well, such as Facebook and Instagram.

    There are hundreds of educational hashtags on Twitter being used right now—as demonstrated by this Edudemic …

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  • Pinterest Resource Roundup for the Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 4,881 views | 4 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    Pinterest was originally thought a place for fashion fanatics, cooking enthusiasts, and home designers to collect their creative ideas and photos in a single place on the Internet. However, it has found a bright spotlight in education and has become a major topic of conversation among educators and students. It even appears to have grown in popularity since our last post about Four Ways to Use Pinterest in Education!
    Image from iStock

    Not only do I find the ideas shared in our post great, but I have also observed many other applications …

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  • Four Ways to Use Cell Phones in the Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 17,340 views | 6 Comments | Posted in: Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was once a skeptic about the use of cell phones for learning in the classroom. It wasn’t until I researched various methods and creative applications that I began accepting the idea. One of biggest quarrels I had with students using cell phones is the potential of their already-short attention spans becoming distracted by a device that is predominantly used in the “outside world.” But, I’ve come to the realization that students can theoretically become preoccupied by anything. Cell phones aren’t the only …

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  • How to Manage an Online Student Discussion

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 19,674 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    The concept of blended learning has gone viral on the Internet and in classrooms. For those who aren’t familiar, blended learning is a method that takes traditional in-class teaching and interlaces it with an online element. The beautiful thing about blended learning is that it prepares students to be a digital citizen, which is a must-have skill in a society full of technology. One vital element to digital citizenship, and what is considered to be a 21st century skill, is the ability to communicate effectively. To be a great conversationalist, …

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  • Facebook Apps for Students and Educators

    By: Aaron Morrison | January, 2012 | 31,907 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    It has been long argued that Facebook has no place in education. Yet, most would be shocked by the relevance it has among teachers and students. One of the strongest arguments for the use of Facebook in schools is the mere fact that it is a website in which students want to use, and probably already routinely use. As Facebook progressively gains acceptance, the question then stands: how should Facebook be applied to endorse learning?
    Image from iStock

    Facebook apps are an excellent way to use Facebook in the classroom. In fact, …

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  • 5 Ways to Have a Digital Classroom in the New Year

    By: Aaron Morrison | January, 2012 | 3,111 views | No Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    We are continually seeing new trends in education technology. In 2011, we saw the prominence of social media, QR codes, and the use of iPads™ in the classroom. So when twelve months roll around and a fresh year begins, we can’t help but wonder what developments will arise in the near future. This is an important thing to ponder considering our desire to keep our classrooms competitive! With this said, I would like to reference five ways to have a digital classroom in the New Year.
    Image from iStock

    Bring your own …

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