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  • PowerSchool Special Education Powered by TIENET Provides Schools Easy, Efficient Way to Manage Special Education Services

    By: admin | April, 2014 | 1,510 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom, Uncategorized

    Industry-Leading Student Information and Special Education Case Management Systems Combine to Help Educators Support Important Student Population

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  • Pearson Plan to Protect the Gradebook From Java Updates

    By: admin | March, 2014 | 2,727 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, News, PowerSchool

    Pearson is dedicated to protecting teachers from Java updates and browser plugin issues, and ensuring stability for PowerTeacher Gradebook. Pearson has established a three-phase plan for addressing these needs:
    Stay on top of Java updates. In January, a new version of Java was released that affected all Java-based applications. By staying informed of the upcoming changes, Pearson was able to release an update in 2013 that anticipated the changes and protected the Gradebook from the update.
    Isolate PowerTeacher Gradebook from OS Java updates and browser plugins. PowerTeacher 2.8 includes a new launch …

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  • PowerTeacher Gradebook and upcoming Java updates: A note from the CTO

    By: admin | November, 2013 | 3,002 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    Dear PowerSchool customer,
    At Pearson, our top priority is to provide our customers with the very best solutions to reliably and accurately improve education. We never forget that more than 775,000 educators use PowerSchool every day as they teach over 13 million students, and that those educators are counting on Pearson to ensure PowerTeacher Gradebook delivers the same great experience 24×7.
    Unfortunately, we are aware that recent updates to the underlying Java technology used by PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks have, on several occasions, interrupted that reliability which all of our customers rightfully …

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  • Streamlining Online School Choice and Lottery

    By: admin | November, 2013 | 3,450 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    “School choice” used to be quite simple: you chose to relocate or your child would go to a less-than-ideal school. Recently, school choice and open enrollment programs have grown and expanded across the nation. These lottery systems aim to provide a selection process and equal opportunities for students by randomizing the selection of students to certain schools rather than just having them be assigned based on home address. What makes the “ideal” district in your area could vary greatly – community involvement, technology access, low student to teacher ratios, etc.
    For …

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  • The PowerSchool for Students and PowerSchool for Parents Android apps are now available

    By: Katie Becker | November, 2013 | 1,336 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    The PowerSchool for Students and PowerSchool for Parents Android apps are now available! With these two apps, users will see live attendance, assignments, scores, grades, school announcements, and more, right from their teachers’ grade books. Make sure your school is configured for mobile access and download the apps today!
    Download the PowerSchool for Students Here
    Download the PowerSchool for Parents Here

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  • mLearning Guides for Student and Parent PowerSchool Portals Now Available!

    By: Kristin Buciak | September, 2013 | 3,096 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool, Uncategorized

    We are excited to announce a new resource for PowerSchool students and parents –  mLearning Guides for PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals!
    mLearning Guide noun:
    1. a digital book you can download on your iPad, with interactive learning games and assessments, demos, and videos.

    Learn how to check real-time grades and attendance, review the daily bulletin board, read teacher comments, manage school transactions and fee balance, access course syllabi, and more!
    The mLearning Guide titled PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals is available FREE through the iBooks bookstore. It can be downloaded through the iBooks …

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  • Adopting Student Health Records

    By: admin | August, 2013 | 841 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool, Uncategorized

    In all aspects of life, technology is advancing and continuing to dominate our society. These technological advancements aspire to streamline our daily tasks, while assisting with responsibilities and providing a variety of new capabilities.
    The healthcare industry is generally one of the slowest industries to accept change and adopt these technological innovations. Yet in the last few years, healthcare has proven to be rapidly catching on to these developments in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and clinics, and now academic health centers are adapting to electronic student medical records.
    “Progress is a nice word, …

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  • What’s new for PowerSchool – CompuClaim

    By: Diane Weaver | July, 2013 | 1,335 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool

    I am proud to be a part of the PowerSchool team. While I am not one of the 12 million student users or an educator at a school, I do have the opportunity to get a glimpse into this amazing student information system because of my job.
    Over time, I have come to the conclusion that PowerSchool is a “gift that keeps on giving,” with a large part of the “giving” stemming from the many partnerships that Pearson has formed along the way. I am in awe at the frequent increase …

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  • Allergic Reactions: Delivering health info in emergencies (Part 4 of 4)

    By: Kathryn Sloop | June, 2013 | 986 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool

    If you’re employed by a school system in any capacity and you don’t frequently hear of food allergies, you’re most likely alone. Completely alone. Because food allergies are everywhere, and certainly more so than in the past. According to the CDC, “the prevalence of food allergies increased from 3.4% in 1997–1999 to 5.1% in 2009–2011,” among children aged 0–17 years. In addition, the CDC notes that the school environment is of particular concern, as “studies show that 16%–18% of children with food allergies have had allergic reactions to accidental ingestion of food allergens …

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  • Delivering health info in emergencies (Part 1 of 4)

    By: Kathryn Sloop | May, 2013 | 1,115 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool

    On campus violence is one of the biggest concerns for schools today. In fact, many schools have an action plan in place if attack were to occur–and recent events have certainly spurred districts to update or refresh their plans.
    One worry, however, is that action plans are only focusing on the immediate needs of an emergency situation, and are not preparing to treat those who may be injured following a violent act. Questions to keep in mind when planning include:

    Do we know if emergency student health information is accessible?

    Can the hospital …

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