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  • Five Pearson Products Featured in eSchool News’ ’15 Amazing Edtech Solutions’

    By: admin | March, 2014 | 968 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, Uncategorized

    At the recent FETC conference in Florida, eSchool Associate Editor Meris Stansbury made the rounds on the trade show floor to discover the products and services that are taking schools to the next level.  We were honored to find that five of our products made the list of 15.
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  • Innovation In The Classroom

    By: Paul Smith | February, 2011 | 3,589 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Education Reform, News

    Imagine innovators Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates as young children; their young minds intrigued by a complex mathematical equation or absorbed in a compelling book. Imagine what would have become of these brilliant minds if classroom curriculum stifled their creativity and teachers refused to encourage their questions and inquisitiveness.
    Now imagine that the next Bill Gates (or Betty Gates) was a student in your classroom…. Would you change your classroom practices? Would you be more likely to encourage inventiveness and inquiry?

    President Obama’s recent remarks on nationwide …

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