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  • Understanding Common Core Texts: 10 Questions for Students

    By: Katie Becker | December, 2013 | 4,278 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Common Core State Standards

    You are What you Read

    As most know by now, the Common Core has put an emphasis on reading nonfiction texts– but why is this? In a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, students were reading less than 4 minutes of nonfiction per day, compared to about 25 minutes of fiction. While it’s great that students are reading, researchers are now seeing that it’s not only how much they read, but also what they are reading that counts.
    More specifically, students need to be reading and comprehending more informational texts as …

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  • Pinterest Roundup: Next Generation Assessments

    By: Diane Weaver | September, 2013 | 3,167 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Common Core State Standards

    Change. A word that is all-too familiar in the education world, and more specifically, with the process of the Common Core and new assessments. I briefly talk about this change in one of my previous posts about the Common Core Standards.
    For most educators, this shift to Next Generation Assessments is right around the corner (2014-2015), which ultimately means that educators must change their instruction to align with them.

     Here are some resources I gathered on Pinterest to help educators make this transition more fluid:

    Prezi by Cory Robertson- This Prezi presentation takes …

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  • Shift to the Common Core: How it will Change the Classroom

    By: Diane Weaver | July, 2013 | 8,840 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Common Core State Standards

    With most change in my life, I want to know the outcome before it actually happens. I may ask, “What will be affected by this?” or “Will this change result in something positive, or something negative?” I have found that uncovering answers to questions such as these helps to ease any doubts.
    The shift to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is certainly one of the most talked about changes in education right now. Like my own experience with change, the CCSS has caused many education leaders to ponder on the …

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  • The Common Core: How it will Help Students

    By: Diane Weaver | June, 2013 | 5,273 views | No Comments | Posted in: Common Core State Standards

    It’s no secret that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a hot topic right now. It seems the common question is: will they hurt or help education?
    Recently, the NEA Today summoned a panel of educators from around the United States to have them weigh in on the CCSS, and whether or not they will benefit education. Overall, the panel was in agreement that the Standards will ultimately be a good thing for both teachers and students.
    Gathered from their responses, here are the six reasons how the Common Core will …

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  • Using iPads to Align with the Common Core

    By: Diane Weaver | March, 2013 | 22,885 views | No Comments | Posted in: Common Core State Standards, Technology in the Classroom

    Digital literacy is integral component to the Common Core Standards. The skill of critically navigating, consuming, and producing digital text and media has increasingly significant influence on a student’s success as an adult. In fact, it is even mentioned in the Standard’s portrait of students who are college and career ready, which states,
    “Students employ technology thoughtfully to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use. They tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline. They …

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  • Pinterest Roundup: Four Common Core Resources

    By: Diane Weaver | February, 2013 | 2,570 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Common Core State Standards

    The adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) indicates a massive movement towards a more comprehensive valuation of students throughout the United States. In fact, as it stands now, more than 40 states have adopted the CCSS.
    Although these Standards have been adopted at the state level, educators also need to implement them on a personal and classroom level as well; this is where meaningful adoption occurs! To do this, my advice would be to frequently exercise in CCSS professional development and to apply it in practice.
    To make your PD …

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  • Success at the Summit

    By: Aaron Morrison | November, 2011 | 2,177 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Customers were excited to participate in the Core Tools for Student Success summit held in Farmington, CT., October 25-27th. The annual summit series focuses on a specific theme and is designed for both PowerSchool System Administrators and Curriculum specialists. This year’s theme was specific to the new Common Core standards.
    While attending the summit in Connecticut, customers learned how to use ReportWorks to build standards-based report cards and how to use the new Standards Visualizer tool in PowerSchool. They also took some time out to discuss key issues around standards-based grading …

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  • Common Core State Standards Initiative

    By: Aaron Morrison | September, 2011 | 2,286 views | No Comments | Posted in: Common Core State Standards, Education Reform

    With the new school year, many teachers find themselves implementing or hearing about the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Being that this is a topic that greatly influences education, we’ve decided to highlight one of our older posts about the Common Core State Standards Initiative!
    Over the past couple months, many recent high school graduates picked up their belongings and moved away from home.  Some of these graduates moved across town, while others moved to a neighboring state or across the country.  These young men and young women …

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