Students and teachers often walk into the first day of summer school dragging their feet. And who’s to blame them? It’s difficult to sit indoors and pursue responsibilities while others are outside playing or taking vacations.
The entire summer school experience can turn into a fulfilling one if looked at in a whole new light. Here are some ideas that will help you do just that:
  • Be innovative: Summer classes are the perfect time to practice teaching with technology! Not only will it engage you, but it will also make the lesson plans exciting for the students. Trying using Pinterest or other social networking sites!
  • Revamp old lessons: Work out some kinks in past lesson plans that maybe didn’t go over very well. I like to use online brainstorming tools to get my mind going. Get creative with it—your students will remember a lesson with originality!
  • Captivate with a summer theme: If you can’t be outside, bring the outside in! Create a summer ambiance in your classroom that will bring some excitement. For some summer theme ideas click HERE.
  • Quality not quantity: Since summer sessions are much shorter, don’t expect to teach students as much material. They wouldn’t be able to retain all of the information in such a short time, anyways! Instead, keep your anxieties to a minimum by keeping in mind that you are going for quality teaching. A happy teacher creates happy students!
As a side note, EducationWorld has a list of some fun lesson plans and activities for summer that may be worth checking out!
What summer teaching strategies have you found to engage both teacher and student?
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