Pinterest continues to be a wellspring of ideas and resources for educators and their classrooms. If you didn’t catch our first Pinterest blog post discussing methods to incorporating it into the classroom, you can read it here. And if you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, then check it out now! Here are some noteworthy ‘pins’ that I have stumbled upon recently:

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  • 80+ Google Forms for the Classroom- I have already talked about various Google tools for educators, but this article shares one that wasn’t mentioned—Google Forms. See how Google Forms can work in the classroom!
  • Top Ten Discoveries of 2011- National Geographic shares the top ten discoveries of last year. These would be fun to show to your students! For a lesson idea, break students into groups and divide the ten discoveries among them. Have each group research their discovery and then present it to the class!
  • Bringing History to Life in the Classroom- This article shares ways to fight student boredom when teaching history. The idea is to engage students by bringing history to life!

Have you found anything else worth mentioning on Pinterest lately? We would love for you to share so that we can pin them to our boards!

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