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With the close of yet another year, one often reflects on moments passed and things to come. I am astounded by the new innovations that are debuted year-round, and this last year proved to be no different. Not only am I amazed by the advancement of technology, but also how it is being applied in education. Ways to creatively use these tech tools in the classroom are constantly being blasted all throughout the worldwide web. More specifically, blogging has had a huge impact on putting technology-integrated lesson plans and ideas at the fingertips of students, parents, and educators. With this said, I would love to share some inspirational blogs I have followed throughout this past year.

Free Technology for Teachers- Richard Byrne, the face behind this blog, is a high school teacher who believes “that when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement.” His blog shares information about free resources and ways to use them in the classroom.

Edutopia- With numerous authors behind the blogging, readers can find a flood of lesson ideas and approaches to tech integration on this education website. I have enjoyed reading their posts all year long!

Cool Cat Teacher- In 2005, teacher Vicki Davis heard about blogging at an educational technology conference, and she quickly began her own blog soon after. She feels it is important for her students to “understand one of the biggest fundamental shifts in society that the world has ever known.” Her blog inspires and encourages teachers, parents, and professionals about reaching out to the innovative generation of learners.

Web 2.0 Classroom- Blogger Steven Anderson has a strong background with education and technology, and uses his blog to share ways to blend the two together. His resources posts make it convenient to find the latest news and tools in education technology! I also enjoy following him on Twitter.

Miss Noor- The teacher behind this blog “believes that 21st Century learning & teaching must take place in every classroom in order to prepare our digital native children to live, learn and work in this rapid race of digital communities.” I could not have said it any better. This is a truly influential blog!

These blogs, as well as the many among them, have given excitement to the advancement of technology and education synthesis. I look forward to the enthusiasm they bring in the new year! In retrospect, what blogs have you appreciated these last twelve months?