With all of the lessons to plan, emails to read, and grades to calculate, it’s no wonder why teaching can be overwhelming. As educators, there is often a heap load to do in so little time, that it becomes difficult to squeeze it all in without surrendering quality. Being organized is the agent to managing time, remaining efficient, and even staying sane during the demanding moments throughout the school year. A few months back we shared “Apps, Software, and Sites Every Teacher Should Know About,” and since organization truly matters, we want to introduce supplementary apps that assist in organization.

  • Outliner: With this app, you can organize thoughts, responsibilities, and projects anywhere you go! It allows you to edit your outlines online and share them with other Outliner users.
  • QuickVoice recorder: Record voice-memos, ideas, lectures or meetings, and voice email! This app will help you cut back on loose papers and keep your notes in one place.
  • Bento: This personal database app gives users a place to manage contacts, plan events or meetings, oversee projects and to-do lists, and more!
  • TeacherPal: A simple app that allows teachers to personally organize attendance and grades. You can even create profiles for your students to remember their individual needs and performance!
  • RE.minder: Organization is all about time managing, and this app is perfect for just that! RE.minder will schedule your tasks and prompt you to get your to-do list done.

Can you think of additional apps that aid in your own time management and classroom organization?