Technology has made leaps and bounds within the last decade, making a huge impact in the classroom. Paper handouts have turned into internet links, essays are submitted online, and students interact through message boards and discussion groups. What was once one computer per school is slowly turning into hand held iPhones for the students to use. While some still want to stress cursive penmanship and hand editing, it is difficult not to admit that technology has changed the modern world. Modern students are naturally raised to be tech savvy, so to omit it in the classroom would cheapen what might otherwise be a strong education.

Seeing the influence technology is having on education, the New York Times asked teachers to submit videos that demonstrate how technology has influenced the way they teach.  To view these videos, click here.

It is critical to understand that it is not technology alone that has and will continue to improve education, but rather how educators use technology. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing creative ways to bring technological tools into the classroom, which include: Digital Story Telling, QR codes, Podcasts, and more. Stay tuned!