We recently received a heartfelt thank you note from PowerSchool Parent, Chris Mayersky.  It read:

I could not live without PowerSchool. It’s that simple.

I have three boys in 1st, 3rd and 6th grades.  This year, PowerSchool was upgraded allowing me to see all of my sons’ grades with one login.  Tons and tons of papers, work assignments, grades and projects are sent home everyday… it’s really hard to keep organized, and now that I have a child in middle school, his assignments and grades are more important and his progress needs to be checked.

My middle school son, who earned steady C’s in past years, had his grades jump to A’s and B’s, and made the Honor Roll because I can see his daily grades and see when there is a struggle or a success.

It is the tool that gives me the hands on help that I need to know exactly where they are at and how I can help as their parent.


Chris Mayersky

Hershey, PA

PowerSchool Parent Success Story

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Thank You Chris!

Pearson School Systems Team