I tend to have some of my best brainstorming sessions while I travel, and it just so happens that I went jet-setting a couple weeks ago. While on the airplane, I began to brainstorm about which tool I would like to highlight next in my Technology Tools Series.

It wasn’t until I landed and sat in a taxi that I finally realized–I want to highlight QR code generators! This “ah-ha” moment was inspired by a two-dimensional barcode sticker, known as a QR code, on the taxi’s window. I quickly whipped out my smartphone and scanned it, which then led me to a website with the taxi’s contact information. I thought it was pretty clever.

Technology Tools: QR Code Generators

From what I have seen, QR codes are really fun tools to use in the classroom. They are really versatile and can be implemented into most lesson plans when done creatively. Not to mention, students will feel eager to scan, scan, scan away!

So once you have figured out how you want to use them, you can turn to one of these tools to create your QR codes:

  • QR Voice- This tool allows you to create a QR code that when scanned, will play a short audio message. You can either type in the message or record your own voice (this is limited to 100 characters). It even offers different languages– perfect for a language class!

  • QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator- To use this tool, you will need to type a series of questions and answers, create them using the generator, and then voila– you have QR codes to post around your classroom.

  • QR Droid Zapper- A free tool that generates QR codes. It offers nine QR code types that will lead those who scan it to a website, text, contact information, calendar, or location coordinates.

  • Goo.gl- Did you know that Google’s URL shortener also creates QR codes? After shortening your URL, click on the “details” next to the link and you will see the corresponding QR code.

Have you used QR codes in your classroom? If you have any additional tools or tips to share, please comment below.