Best Education Tweets from Last Month

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Twitter is always an excellent resource to find great articles within the education field. For this post, I searched some of education’s most popular hashtags- #edchat, #edtech, and #lrnchat- to provide you with some highlights from last month’s Twitter feed. Here are some of the more interesting and informative articles I came across:

  • “Education Technology Success Stories”- This article, written by Darrell M. West and Joshua Bleiberg, landscapes a few different education technology success stories. It begins with a moving story of how a young girl from Pakistan was able to complete her online physics course, despite various internet website banns implemented by the Pakistani government. I love this article because it demonstrates the creative ways that technology has been used in order to ensure success in a variety of different educational settings.

  • “Excellent Tips and Tools to Create Infographics” - In an age where visual content is so important, infographics can be an excellent way to present information. They are especially useful to liven up presentations that may be too text heavy. This article from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning provides tips and tools to make sure you get the most out of your infographics.

  • “How Technology is Helping Special-Needs Students Excel” - The author of this article, Heather B. Hayes, discusses the role of technology within special-needs education, demonstrating how technology is enabling students with special needs to progress in their educational goals and development. She focuses on a few different case studies illustrating how technology has aided special-needs students in various settings. This article is significant because it also contends that even technologies formatted for mainstream use can be successfully converted—effectively opening up the classroom for students with disabilities.

  • “50 Educator Twitter Accounts Worth Following” - Because Twitter can be such a useful resource, I like this quick list of fifty educational twitter accounts compiled by TeachThought. This list is useful because all the accounts are effectively organized into subcategories, including administrators and researchers, education technology, higher education, nonprofit organizations and activists, and policy makers and government organizations. If you’re looking to follow some new education feeds on Twitter, this list is a good place to start.

  • “Teachers, Students, Digital Games: What’s the Right Mix?” - With the rise of technology in the classroom, it’s important to find an appropriate blend of the two. Using examples from studies and other related research, this article presents both the pros and the cons of digital games in the classroom, and contends that a better mix of games and iPad applications may be needed in order to ensure a more effective classroom and learning environment.

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