Halloween is about a week away, and instead of passing out endless amounts of candy to students, why not try something different? I have collected some Halloween-themed lesson ideas that will not only provide a festive feel, but also encourage learning. I have even broken them down by subject:


  • Science Bob shares some interesting Halloween experiments that you can check out HERE. I particularly like the Static Dancing Ghost—students could research what happens with the electrons to make this work.
  • TeachHub provides a list of five Halloween Science demonstrations— it would be neat to reveal answers to an assignment using the “Black Light Magic” idea.
  • Use this Pasta Skeleton idea as inspiration! Students can create a pasta skeleton and label the bones for Anatomy practice.

Language Arts

  • In this lesson idea, students use an online tool to create a pumpkin and then write a story about it.
  • This blog shares some neat Halloween sentence building, vocabulary, and writing printables!
  • Show this infographic to students, and then encourage them to write and craft their own using Paint or PowerPoint.


  • Candy Corn Math kit- These interactive candy corn activities allow students to exercise their addition and subtraction skills. They can also practice writing their own story problems!
  • Geometry practice worksheet- Students measure the angles in a spider web using a protractor. Very creative!
  • Laminate paper-made pumpkins and use candy corn as their teeth. Students use their teeth to complete addition and subtraction activities—example shown HERE. You could even take it a step further and incorporate multiplication and division.

Will you be celebrating Halloween with your students? If so, what will you be doing? Follow our Halloween pinterest board for additional resources!