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  • Halloween-Themed Lesson Ideas

    By: Aaron Morrison | October, 2012 | 18,078 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    Halloween is about a week away, and instead of passing out endless amounts of candy to students, why not try something different? I have collected some Halloween-themed lesson ideas that will not only provide a festive feel, but also encourage learning. I have even broken them down by subject:


    Science Bob shares some interesting Halloween experiments that you can check out HERE. I particularly like the Static Dancing Ghost—students could research what happens with the electrons to make this work.
    TeachHub provides a list of five Halloween Science demonstrations— it would be …

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  • Education Freebie Roundup

    By: Aaron Morrison | October, 2012 | 2,826 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    image from iStock
    Most things in life aren’t free, but coming across things that are can make your life just a little bit sweeter! Educational freebies would fall in the category of sweetness, and for most of us, finding the perfect freebie is like discovering buried treasure. They are sprinkled all over the internet, so I have rounded up a few of my favorite freebie resources to share with you:

    Science resources: Laura Candler shares dozens of free printables and website links for science in the upper elementary or middle school classroom!
    Math …

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  • PowerSchool 7.5 is now available!

    By: admin | October, 2012 | 2,913 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    PowerSchool 7.5 is now available for download from PowerSource! Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we continue to incorporate some of the most commonly requested new features, including Co-teaching and a drag-and-drop Visual Scheduler. We continue to rely on feedback from our customers in order to continue making PowerSchool the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system. Find more information on or login to PowerSource (

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  • Technology Tool for the Classroom: Wordle

    By: Aaron Morrison | October, 2012 | 3,678 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    Wordle is a free tool that squeezes any section of text into a “word cloud.” The generated visual illustration highlights the most-used words in the text by increasing their size, and decreasing the less-frequent ones. You can also customize these clouds with various fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

    image created from Wordle

    I was first introduced to Wordle by a Professor at a University who had been using the tool with her undergraduate students. It instantly dawned on me that it would be perfect to use with K-12 students too. Here are …

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  • A Day in the Life of a Technology Director…

    By: Chris Alldredge | October, 2012 | 8,422 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    PowerSchool University (PSU) is coming soon. Visit to get ready and read on to get excited!
    A Day in the Life of a Technology Director…
    By Chris Alldredge, Pearson Strategic Initiatives Program Manager and PSU Master of Ceremonies
    We focus on a bobble-headed Darth Vader sitting on the corner of a desk. Darth Vader’s head bobbles continuously.
    TECH DIRECTOR (OFF SCREEN): Yes, of course…it is almost report card time… I don’t have the report done quite yet.
    We pan out and see Tech Director on the phone, sitting at …

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  • Nine Creative Writing Prompts

    By: Aaron Morrison | October, 2012 | 26,324 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    Writing prompts can be anything from a picture, word, or quote to help kick-start students’ minds to write. Here are nine of my favorite photo prompts from around the Web (for sake of page space, you will need to click on the link to view the prompt):

    Describe a day in class from the teacher’s point of view.
    Time-traveling history detectives.
    One thing that you are sure you will never forget.
    Your story ends here. Write the beginning.
    If you had YouTube in 1912.
    What would you say to a million people?
    You are a leaf and …

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