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Articles Archive For: August 2012

  • PowerSchool Supplemental Services Sale

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 2,435 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    We know that PowerSchool is a big part of your successful school year. That’s why now for a limited time, purchase one PowerSchool supplemental service and receive a 25% discount, or purchase two for 50% off!
    Get more from your PowerSchool system by checking out our full-range of supplemental services offered remotely to fit your busy schedule. From now until September 27, 2012, you could save up to 50%.

    End-of-Term Readiness & Completion
    International Baccalaureate (IB)- Middle Years Programme Setup
    Attendance Tracking & Notification Setup
    Date Review and Consultation
    New School Setup & Data Load
    Discipline Incident …

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  • PowerSchool for Parents: 2012 Preferred Choice Award

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 2,950 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool

    We are thrilled to announce yet another success of the PowerSchool for Parents app! It has been selected a winner of a 2012 Preferred Choice Award in the Creative Child Magazine Awards!
    The submitted entries are reviewed by moms, music educators, and early education professionals; meaning our product was selected and loved by a wide array of people. We look forward to seeing the PowerSchool for Parents app in the Creative Child magazine’s Holiday issue this coming November!
    To see the official announcement, please visit
    You can also download the PowerSchool for …

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  • Six Creative Ideas for Education Blogging

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 35,180 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    With the incredible popularity of blogs, it’s no surprise that many teachers have molded the medium to fit their classroom needs and help engage their digitally inclined students. Here are six ideas to help you make blogging work for your classroom:

    image from iStock

    Back-to-school Icebreaker. Since we are still at the beginning of the year, why not use your class blog as a way for students to get to know one another? Interview each student individually and then post it online! You can post each one as a short video clip, …

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  • Teaching Teachers to Integrate Technology

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 4,440 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    Learning how to integrate technology into lesson plans can be unnerving for educators. Here are some ideas to help them through the process:

    Dedicate Time: Sometimes the most difficult aspect to learning new technology skills is just simply finding the time. Allow teachers 5 or 10 minutes at the end of each staff meeting to try out new things. For instance, a list of Web 2.0 tools could be provided to them, and they can spend this time to view each one and discover their applications.
    Show and Tell: Encourage teachers to …

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  • Refreshing your Classroom Seating Arrangement

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 9,773 views | 4 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management

    As the new school year arrives, odds are good that you have spent at least a few moments considering your classroom seating arrangement. You can always go with the time honored “put them in rows and move students as problems arise” method, but we’ve seen some great ideas and tips around the web that we would like to share.

    Incorporate some “active” seating – buy a yoga ball or two and keep them around for the kids that always seem to …

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  • Tips for First-Year Teachers

    By: Aaron Morrison | August, 2012 | 526,348 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management

    Every teacher has gone through it—their first year teaching. To say that trial and error will occur for new teachers is quite an understatement. Luckily, others have gone before them to experience it and provide good advice. I really like some of the tips that Free Technology for Teachers has compiled from a group of educators:

    image from iStock

    Always, always, always have a back-up plan.
    Parents are important; be yourself and show your personality with them!
    Three words: consistent, firm, fair.
    “Pick one content area that you want to teach exceptionally well. Tread water …

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