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  • Always Learning at PowerSchool University

    By: Chris Alldredge | March, 2012 | 3,743 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: PowerSchool

    When I was in the eighth grade, I remember my English Teacher told our class that he used to work on an assembly line in a factory and he made more money in the factory than he did teaching us. Of course, the class was incredulous. Why would anyone actually want a job teaching English to thirteen-year-olds, let alone make less money doing so?!?
    I’ll never forget his answer. He explained that working in the factory was turning his brain into mush. Each day was exactly the same. He felt he …

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  • Preparing Students for Standardized Tests

    By: Aaron Morrison | March, 2012 | 24,836 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management

    Get eight hours of sleep, eat a good breakfast, and bring a sharpened pencil will be among some of the most common advice given to students as they prepare for the upcoming standardized tests. However, as valuable as this advice is, will it be enough to gear them for success?

    The thought of being fairly responsible for students’ achievement on the standardized test overwhelms me. I am amazed at the strategies and creative methods that educators implement to help students prepare for them, and I can only imagine how tough of …

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  • Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | March, 2012 | 16,037 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Management

    Now that we have survived another winter, it is time to tackle all of the dust and cluttered papers that have been hibernating! About this time every year, I feel overwhelmed by all of the spring cleaning that needs to be done. Classrooms are especially demanding because of all the materials, papers, and furniture crammed into one room. However, I have found that tackling the inevitable as soon as possible always becomes worth it, and you will be patting yourself on the back once the end of the year roles …

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  • Planning a Virtual Field Trip

    By: Aaron Morrison | March, 2012 | 4,919 views | No Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    Imagine yourself as a student, sitting down in your classroom ready to begin another day, only to find yourself staring out the window again in a mired daze. This time of year can feel tiresome, and you fear another drawn out lesson plan to which you will passively pay attention to. Then, your teacher walks in and mentions you’re doing something different today—you’re going to Rome!

    Sounds captivating, right? It was only a handful of years ago that taking a virtual field trip in the classroom would be entirely impossible. However, …

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  • Tools for Online Brainstorming Sessions

    By: Aaron Morrison | March, 2012 | 7,335 views | No Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    Our brains often fall into stale patterns of thoughts and ideas. Typically, when I find myself in this trap, I turn to an in-depth session of brainstorming and discover that it quickly becomes my saving grace. To take it a step further, I will gather my colleagues to add a collaborative intellect to my brainstorming session, and I am always amazed at the originality that others add to the meeting.
    Image from iStock

    Using a paper and pen to brainstorm is always suitable, but I have found that it causes the process …

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