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Articles Archive For: February 2012

  • Pinterest Resource Roundup for the Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 4,884 views | 4 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    Pinterest was originally thought a place for fashion fanatics, cooking enthusiasts, and home designers to collect their creative ideas and photos in a single place on the Internet. However, it has found a bright spotlight in education and has become a major topic of conversation among educators and students. It even appears to have grown in popularity since our last post about Four Ways to Use Pinterest in Education!
    Image from iStock

    Not only do I find the ideas shared in our post great, but I have also observed many other applications …

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  • Four Ways to Use Cell Phones in the Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 17,344 views | 6 Comments | Posted in: Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was once a skeptic about the use of cell phones for learning in the classroom. It wasn’t until I researched various methods and creative applications that I began accepting the idea. One of biggest quarrels I had with students using cell phones is the potential of their already-short attention spans becoming distracted by a device that is predominantly used in the “outside world.” But, I’ve come to the realization that students can theoretically become preoccupied by anything. Cell phones aren’t the only …

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  • Google Tools for Educators

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 8,455 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Technology in the Classroom

    Google remains a staple tool in my everyday tasks, and I realize more and more how much I rely on its use. In fact, it is safe to assume that majority feel this way, and that most of us turn to the Google search bar when we have a question or need a resource.
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    For teachers, the Google search bar is commonly used to hunt down sites and downloads to use in lesson plans. However, it can begin to feel a bit daunting when trying to narrow it down …

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  • Valentine’s Day Lesson Round-Up

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 52,604 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    Valentine’s Day is commonly celebrated in the classroom by giving students free time to share candies and cards. After an hour-or-so of ingesting treats and becoming boisterous, students take a while to settle down and gain focus again. While fun, I find that this way of celebrating is not exactly conducive to learning. Personally, I think giving a lesson that incorporates the holiday is a wonderful way to salvage precious teaching time. I find that Valentine’s Day-themed lesson plans can still provide the feeling of festivity, and students are even …

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  • How to Manage an Online Student Discussion

    By: Aaron Morrison | February, 2012 | 19,683 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, Social Media in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom

    The concept of blended learning has gone viral on the Internet and in classrooms. For those who aren’t familiar, blended learning is a method that takes traditional in-class teaching and interlaces it with an online element. The beautiful thing about blended learning is that it prepares students to be a digital citizen, which is a must-have skill in a society full of technology. One vital element to digital citizenship, and what is considered to be a 21st century skill, is the ability to communicate effectively. To be a great conversationalist, …

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