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  • Setting Goals for a New Year

    By: Aaron Morrison | December, 2011 | 4,593 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

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    Self-reflection and goal setting is penciled in to most calendars towards the end of a new year and the beginning of another. The task of setting New Years resolutions can often feel forced and somewhat discouraging as we may remember some past goals that have not been fulfilled. In the end, we forget about our smaller accomplishments and forego a pat on the back. These common, sour endings cause us to view our new year’s pledges with distaste and pessimism. If you have felt this way, you may …

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  • Five Education Blogs We Loved Following in 2011

    By: Aaron Morrison | December, 2011 | 11,182 views | 5 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Technology in the Classroom

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    With the close of yet another year, one often reflects on moments passed and things to come. I am astounded by the new innovations that are debuted year-round, and this last year proved to be no different. Not only am I amazed by the advancement of technology, but also how it is being applied in education. Ways to creatively use these tech tools in the classroom are constantly being blasted all throughout the worldwide web. More specifically, blogging has had a huge impact on putting technology-integrated lesson plans …

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  • PowerSchool Reaches 10 Millionth Student

    By: Aaron Morrison | December, 2011 | 15,992 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: News, PowerSchool

    From left to right:
    Chris Bauer, Bhreagh’s Dad
    Shelley Richardson, Director of the Kids Help Phone, Atlantic Region
    Bhreagh Bauer, Pearson’s 10-millionth student
    Ramona Jennex, Nova Scotia Minister of Education
    Sheonagh Mc Cullough, Bhreagh’s Mom
    Paul Fletcher, President of the School Systems group of Pearson

    Eleventh grader, Bhreagh Bauer, from Horton High School in Nova Scotia, Canada, was recently marked as the 10 millionth student to enroll through PowerSchool. Her high school acquired access to PowerSchool through a province-wide initiative called iNSchool—a program intended to leverage technology to support student success. PowerSchool was the central program …

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