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  • Apps For Educators: History

    By: Aaron Morrison | July, 2011 | 6,370 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Technology in the Classroom

    I often meet people who are indifferent to hearing or learning anything historical. When these people start telling me how much they disliked history classes growing up, my eyes start to get real big and my mouth opens in shock. Usually these conversations end with me informing people they were taught history all wrong.
    If taught correctly, History and Social Studies classes should not only inform students about world cultures, governments, and religions, but also inspire creativity! This small list of History-based apps can give teachers extra inspiration to ensure historical …

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  • 10 Tips for Educational Blogging

    By: Aaron Morrison | July, 2011 | 20,026 views | 10 Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Educational blogging has proven to be advantageous for both student and teacher.  With technology becoming a major staple in classrooms across the country, many teachers have quickly noted the benefits of educational blogs. To learn about some of these advantages, you will want to watch this slideshow!
    Once you’ve recognized the benefits of educational blogging, it is important to understand that blogs require much effort. One must be willing to dedicate the time and energy into making their blog a place for learning, creativity, expression, growth and safety. Here are ten …

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  • Apps For Educators: English Language Arts

    By: Aaron Morrison | July, 2011 | 16,661 views | 9 Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    Today we are highlighting English Language Art apps. With the hundreds of apps available for English Language Arts, it’s clear that this resource has the potential to be a fantastic tool in the classroom! We’ve chosen these specific apps based on education potential, design, creativity and statistic capabilities. These apps help students with things like Spelling, grammar and vocabulary. Like the 7 literature apps we shared last week, these English Language Art apps are great to use in the classroom, share with parents, and find inspirations for lesson plans!

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  • Apps for Educators: Literature

    By: Aaron Morrison | July, 2011 | 13,655 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    It’s hard to believe that a few years ago apps were essentially nonexistent. While many of us were trying to wrap our minds around the idea of having Internet capabilities on our cellphones, the concept of apps was developed and beginning to be implemented.  Now there are thousands of apps for smartphones, iPods, and iPads! They range from the bizarre and goofy to the educational and inspiring. As we pondered the influence apps can have on education, we decided it would be fitting to dedicate some of our summer blog …

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