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  • End of the Year Classroom Checklist

    By: Aaron Morrison | May, 2011 | 5,176 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, Classroom Resources

    Although educators everywhere are itching for summer break, we all know the work doesn’t end with the ringing of the school bell! As the students skip into the summer sunset, teachers are left to complete the many tasks that need to be accomplished in order for break to begin. With the many responsibilities of teachers at the forefront of our minds, we thought it may be fun to compile an End of the Year Classroom Checklist! Hopefully this checklist will organize your thoughts and help get summer vacation underway!

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  • 5 Apps Bound to Make Educators More Efficient

    By: Aaron Morrison | May, 2011 | 4,481 views | No Comments | Posted in: Technology in the Classroom

    The demands of a teacher go far beyond the walls of the school. Lesson planning, grading, and research often take place after work hours making for a busy schedule! Pondering the many expectations of an educator, we decided sharing a few time-saving apps may help make a teacher’s life a little less stressful. Here are 5 apps that are bound to make you more efficient:

    Read-it-Later: This iPhone®/iPod® App allows teachers to save webpages to read later without an Internet connection. You may not be able to read an entire …

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