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  • Apps, Software and Sites Every Teacher Should Know About (Part 1: Organization)

    By: Aaron Morrison | January, 2011 | 10,211 views | 6 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, Technology in the Classroom

    In recent years, computers, smartphones, iPods and iPads have become more prevalent in K12 classrooms. In 2009, “ninety-seven percent of teachers had one or more computers located in the classroom every day” (National Center for Education Statistics).
    Due to the increase use of technology in the classroom, we thought it was appropriate for us to search the web for “Apps, Software, and Sites Every Teacher Should Know About”.  Since there are thousands of great tools out there, we’ve had a hard time whittling all of this information down into one post.  …

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  • The Principle Of “1″

    By: Aaron Morrison | January, 2011 | 5,684 views | No Comments | Posted in: News

    With the start of a new year it’s nearly impossible to avoid introspection. Reflection, self-evaluation, goals, and resolutions buzz around our heads until we feel the urge to explode. There are few people who charge into the New Year without an inkling of unease; many of us become burdened by the pressures to become better. For educators, the New Year is overwhelming! Not only do we feel the need for personal improvement, we feel the need to make changes that will positively effect our students.  If goals for the new …

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  • The Recession’s Toll On Education

    By: Paul Smith | January, 2011 | 95,464 views | No Comments | Posted in: News

    This month, Education Week published an article discussing the recession’s toll on K-12 Budgets.  According to this article, the recession’s impact on state and local education budgets “was like a vicious storm that swept across the landscape and left a broad trail of wreckage in its wake.” (EdWeek.Org)
    “Though nearly every state felt the sting of what has been called the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a complex and varied set of regional factors amplified the fiscal damage for states already struggling with budget pressures, while leaving a handful …

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  • Avoiding Teacher Burnout

    By: admin | January, 2011 | 3,620 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Stress Reduction

    We start school in late summer, put our “pedals to the metal” and don’t look back.  Fortunately, a couple of months after the start of the school year we are given some distractions from the daily grind: the holidays. October through December we experience a whirlwind of food, decorations, traditions, family and friends. Then, in the blink of an eye, it’s all over and we have to face reality.  Another semester.  If you’re like me then you may experience “Burnout” around the time January shows its’ chilly face.
    This year I …

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  • PowerTeacher Mobile 1:1 Now Available!

    By: Paul Smith | January, 2011 | 39,584 views | 90 Comments | Posted in: News

    We released a major update to our PowerTeacher Mobile iPad App this week.  PowerTeacher Mobile 1.1 includes the most often requested enhancements and is designed to make grading on the go easier than ever before.

    Over 40 new features and enhancements
    Almost two times faster than version 1.0
    Plus numerous fixes and user interface changes

    Find out more at our iTunes App Store.

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  • Celebrating Martin Luther King Day In Your Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | January, 2011 | 5,842 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    At one point, every educator has been overwhelmed by his or her responsibility to impact, cultivate, and inspire the next generation.  On a daily basis, teachers not only strive to help each student develop intellectually, but nurture dreams and aspirations of future businessmen, parents, and leaders.  Although many would not willingly take on such a responsibility, educators have risen to the challenge for decades.
    Along with teaching the outlined curriculum, teachers aim to cultivate honorable characteristics in each and every student. Even now, I can clearly remember sitting on my first …

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