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  • Thanksgiving Resources for the Classroom

    By: Aaron Morrison | November, 2010 | 2,828 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Resources

    Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner!  And, if you’re like me, you’ve been planning the perfect meal for weeks now – sweet potatoes with maple syrup and pecans, turkey with stuffing and gravy, warm rolls and cornbread, pumpkin pie and whip cream… am I making you hungry? I digress. Most of us spend hours planning, shopping and preparing for our big Turkey Day celebrations.
    After thinking about all of the time I invest into creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal, a question popped into my mind.  “Do you spend as much …

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  • Pearson announces the acquisition of The Administrative Assistants Ltd. (aal)!

    By: Aaron Morrison | November, 2010 | 4,619 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: News

    We have a very big announcement today!
    Today, we are pleased to announce Pearson’s acquisition of The Administrative Assistants Ltd. (aal), provider of eSIS® student information system (SIS) in the K-12 school market worldwide.  The School Systems group of Pearson will continue to manage the SIS business, which includes PowerSchool® and Chancery SMS®.
    Pearson’s SIS applications support approximately 11 million students.  The acquisition of aal extends Pearson’s current SIS market reach and leadership to over 15 million students.  Furthermore, aal’s new eSIS®JX product will provide increased international market opportunity for Pearson’s K-12 …

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  • Blended Learning

    By: Aaron Morrison | November, 2010 | 5,899 views | 3 Comments | Posted in: Education Reform, Technology in the Classroom

    Blended learning is an innovative teaching approach that is on the rise. A 2009 report showed that blended learning “grew from 50,000 enrollments in 2000 to an estimated one million-plus enrollments in 2009”.  That means this instructional model is growing at a rate of 30% annually.  (Promising Practices in Online Learning)
    Why is this teaching approach growing so rapidly?  Because this instructional model combines the best elements of face-to-face and online instruction.

    In a traditional classroom setting, students are at the mercy of their teacher and often times, have to learn the …

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  • Changing Education Paradigms

    By: Aaron Morrison | November, 2010 | 4,108 views | No Comments | Posted in: Education Reform

    The RSA recently published an animated video based on a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms.  We thought this video was very intriguing, so we had to share.

    About the RSA’s Purpose, Vision & Strategy.
    “In the light of new challenges and opportunities for the human race, the RSA seeks to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfilment and social progress.  We do this by providing a platform for ideas and debate, a programme of innovative research and development, and through …

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  • PSU is open for registration!

    By: admin | November, 2010 | 1,779 views | No Comments | Posted in: PowerSchool

    To help maximize your district’s student information system investment, Pearson proudly offers PowerSchool University (PSU). At PSU, attendees learn dozens of tips, tricks and techniques for every day tasks. From beginners to experienced PowerSchool users, PSU offers a wide variety of courses taught by certified PowerSchool trainers. Courses are specifically designed to support the participant’s role at the school or district. In addition, attendees appreciate the opportunity to meet fellow educators and develop lasting peer support networks.

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