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  • Pearson and LearnSprout Collaborate to Deliver New Insights Into Student Engagement and Performance to School Leaders

    By: admin | September, 2014 | 853 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, News, Uncategorized

    EdTech Startup to Provide PowerSchool Users With Data Visualization, College-Readiness Tracking Tools

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  • Formative Assessment Item Bank Expands to 60,000 Items, Seamlessly Integrated With Schoolnet

    By: admin | June, 2014 | 1,986 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, News, Uncategorized

     ATLANTA —June 30, 2014— As schools strive to ensure that students meet and exceed today’s more rigorous standards, teachers need tools at their fingertips for measuring student progress. Today at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, Pearson announced an expansion of its Formative Item Bank to more than 60,000 items, including thousands of innovative technology enhanced items – the same kind that students will see in next-generation assessments.

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  • PowerSchool Special Education Powered by TIENET Provides Schools Easy, Efficient Way to Manage Special Education Services

    By: admin | April, 2014 | 1,966 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom, Uncategorized

    Industry-Leading Student Information and Special Education Case Management Systems Combine to Help Educators Support Important Student Population

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  • Pearson School Systems Products Have Limited Exposure to the Heartbleed Vulnerability

    By: admin | April, 2014 | 1,748 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, Uncategorized

    This week there has been much news about the “Heartbleed” vulnerability, which opens online systems using the OpenSSL cryptographic software library to the risk of exposing sensitive and confidential data. More information about this issue is available at the following sites: 

    Pearson takes customer data security very seriously and has been actively confirming our secure status. The Heartbleed vulnerability is present if a server is running a recent version of OpenSSL with a heartbeat extension enabled. At this time, Pearson has performed a careful and thorough examination of our School Systems …

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  • Learning the Lingo of Next Generation Assessments: Technology Enhanced Items

    By: admin | April, 2014 | 1,525 views | No Comments | Posted in: College Readiness, News, Technology in the Classroom

    This week we explore Technology Enhanced Items (TEI) and how these item types are creating fun challenges for students who are looking for an engaging learning experience.  TEI’s are a relatively new concept for most, gaining popularity as education becomes more and more digital. TEI’s allow the student to focus on cognitive demand while emphasizing problem solving in a real world context.
    Recent additions to TEI include click-stick-click-drop, hot spots and embedded graphing calculators, all of which are included in Schoolnet 15.4 and allow the student to interact with the problem …

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  • Five Pearson Products Featured in eSchool News’ ’15 Amazing Edtech Solutions’

    By: admin | March, 2014 | 968 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, Uncategorized

    At the recent FETC conference in Florida, eSchool Associate Editor Meris Stansbury made the rounds on the trade show floor to discover the products and services that are taking schools to the next level.  We were honored to find that five of our products made the list of 15.
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  • Pearson Plan to Protect the Gradebook From Java Updates

    By: admin | March, 2014 | 4,234 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, News, PowerSchool

    Pearson is dedicated to protecting teachers from Java updates and browser plugin issues, and ensuring stability for PowerTeacher Gradebook. Pearson has established a three-phase plan for addressing these needs:
    Stay on top of Java updates. In January, a new version of Java was released that affected all Java-based applications. By staying informed of the upcoming changes, Pearson was able to release an update in 2013 that anticipated the changes and protected the Gradebook from the update.
    Isolate PowerTeacher Gradebook from OS Java updates and browser plugins. PowerTeacher 2.8 includes a new launch …

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  • Pearson Technical Support Structure

    By: admin | December, 2013 | 4,278 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, Uncategorized

    You may have noticed that if you call, email, or chat with Pearson’s Technical Support, we will validate you are the authorized technical contact for your district. If not, the support agent will politely decline further support and direct you to contact your district’s authorized technical contact. Why is this?
    When your district bought a Pearson platform they identified authorized technical contacts – one or two individuals in your district/school that participate in specialized training, specially configure and administer your product, and are the first point-of-contact for any questions you may …

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  • Parent Toolkit now available online!

    By: Katie Becker | October, 2013 | 3,749 views | 2 Comments | Posted in: Classroom Resources, News

    You’ve heard it before: “studies show that children whose parents are involved in their education, do better in school”.
    So I wanted to share this exciting news with you. Last week at Education Nation, Pearson, in collaboration with NBC News, launched an easy-to-use Parent Toolkit now available online, and soon to be available as an app.
    The Toolkit serves as an engaging resource that helps parents navigate the new higher standards rolling out in schools so they can actively guide their child throughout their education. Using the toolkit, whether at home, work, or on-the-go, parents can:

    View academic …

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  • mLearning Guides for Student and Parent PowerSchool Portals Now Available!

    By: Kristin Buciak | September, 2013 | 19,466 views | No Comments | Posted in: News, PowerSchool, Uncategorized

    We are excited to announce a new resource for PowerSchool students and parents –  mLearning Guides for PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals!
    mLearning Guide noun:
    1. a digital book you can download on your iPad, with interactive learning games and assessments, demos, and videos.

    Learn how to check real-time grades and attendance, review the daily bulletin board, read teacher comments, manage school transactions and fee balance, access course syllabi, and more!
    The mLearning Guide titled PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals is available FREE through the iBooks bookstore. It can be downloaded through the iBooks …

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