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  • Notice to PowerSchool Customers About Bash Security Vulnerability

    By: Terri Zezula | September, 2014 | 126 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Yesterday a major global security flaw was announced for Unix-based internet-connected devices. This includes systems running OS X and Linux. The vulnerability is being referred to in the media as “Shellshock” or “the Bash bug”. It is possible that this vulnerability could be used to compromise devices and computers, causing major service impact and/or loss of sensitive data.
    PowerSchool does not use Bash and PowerSchool servers are Windows OS based, therefore having no vulnerability to the issue.
    It is possible that some customers are using an Apache image server running on Linux …

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  • It Was a Busy Summer for the PowerSchool Team

    By: Terri Zezula | September, 2014 | 238 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Growing our PowerSchool ISV program and developing the API toolkit
    Offering our customers more choices and the ability to integrate PowerSchool with other education applications.
    We are so excited to welcome LearnSprout as the newest member of the PowerSchool Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Program! LearnSprout is just one of the more than 120 ISV partners that collaborate with the PowerSchool student information system (SIS) team to deliver integrated solutions that offer extended functionality for school or classroom management.  Over the summer, we welcomed 12 new partners to the ISV Partner Program …

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  • Pearson and LearnSprout Collaborate to Deliver New Insights Into Student Engagement and Performance to School Leaders

    By: admin | September, 2014 | 153 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, News, Uncategorized

    EdTech Startup to Provide PowerSchool Users With Data Visualization, College-Readiness Tracking Tools

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  • PowerSchool Mobile Apps Updated for Parents and Students

    By: Terri Zezula | August, 2014 | 492 views | 1 Comment | Posted in: Classroom Management, Classroom Resources, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom

    PowerSchool Mobile Apps Update – Just In time For Back to School!
    Pearson has just released updated versions of PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. To date, more than 3.2 million teachers, parents and students have downloaded PowerSchool on their mobile devices. Throughout the summer, users have accessed PowerSchool to check grades, attendance, schedules and school announcements. Teachers are getting ready for the school year, using PowerTeacher to set up classes, seating charts and assignments. Learn more about PowerSchool for iOS and …

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  • PowerSchool for Parents

    By: Terri Zezula | July, 2014 | 371 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Parents can now use PowerSchool via a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer) or on their iOS or Android device. Parents can access their child’s information including attendance, grades, assignments, assignment detail with links to content such as worksheets, and field trip info. Using just one app to view real-time information for each child, parents can select from a list of languages to view PowerSchool in that language. Parents can print information, email teachers, and set up access for multiple guardians. See how easy it is to use PowerSchool for Parents …

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