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  • Tools4ever and Pearson Collaborate to Automate Identity and Password Management for School Districts

    By: Terri Zezula | October, 2014 | 24 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom

    Collaboration enables schools to streamline identity management processes
     “As a Pearson ISV Partner, we can combine our resources to provide a superior solution for school districts, and reduce headaches with account and password management.” - Dean Wiech, managing director at Tools4ever 

    Tools4ever, the market leader in identity and access management (IdM/IAM) solutions, and Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, are joining forces through an independent software vendor (ISV) partnership agreement. As a result of the collaboration, Tools4ever will automate functionality for identity and password management solutions in Pearson’s PowerSchool student information system.
    PowerSchool, the …

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  • InfoSnap Integrates with North Carolina’s Customized Version of PowerSchool for Online Student Registration

    By: Terri Zezula | October, 2014 | 80 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    InfoSnap develops a customized solution to meet state requirements for North Carolina’s PowerSchool student information system (SIS).
    “Our InfoSnap solution saves 7 staff members at least a
    month’s worth of work, providing personnel with ample
    opportunity to be more efficient. We’ve estimated that
    InfoSnap saves our district $30,000 annually just in
    manpower alone.”
    -Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer
    Mooresville Graded School District (NC) is a one-to-one computing district
    comprised of 6,000 students across 8 schools. To match the digital standard that
    this district has set, Mooresville decided to transition from a paper-based
    registration process to an online solution. The statewide …

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  • Let’s Set the Record Straight!

    By: Terri Zezula | October, 2014 | 209 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, Classroom Resources, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom

    We’ve seen some crazy ads lately about PowerSchool – you know, those “fishy” ads that don’t tell the real story about PowerSchool and the growing PowerSchool community of satisfied users.
    So, let’s set the record straight with a few facts about PowerSchool, the most widely-used student information system in K12 education:

    PowerSchool supports more than 13 million students in more than 50 states and provinces, and more than 70 countries.
    More than 40 million teachers, parents and students use PowerSchool every day.
    PowerSchool has more than 330,000 active members in the strongest K12 SIS …

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  • Pearson & InfoSnap Collaborate to Develop the PowerSchool API for Data Integration

    By: Terri Zezula | October, 2014 | 147 views | No Comments | Posted in: Classroom Management, PowerSchool, Technology in the Classroom, Uncategorized

    Pearson sought to create an API for its PowerSchool SIS. They
    partnered with InfoSnap, a member of the PowerSchool ISV Partner
    Program known for its experience and success with
    complex data integration and delivery. The result of this
    joint-venture is a sophisticated PowerSchool API, which has
    given InfoSnap solutions an industry-leading integration for
    PowerSchool. Learn more about this unique collaboration at:
    To learn more about the InfoSnap and PowerSchool integration for online registration solutions, join us for a free webinar on October 15th. Register today!
    Best Practices Webinar: Online Student Enrollment and Registration, Integrated with PowerSchool
    Wednesday, October 15, …

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  • Notice to PowerSchool Customers About Bash Security Vulnerability

    By: Terri Zezula | September, 2014 | 290 views | No Comments | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Yesterday a major global security flaw was announced for Unix-based internet-connected devices. This includes systems running OS X and Linux. The vulnerability is being referred to in the media as “Shellshock” or “the Bash bug”. It is possible that this vulnerability could be used to compromise devices and computers, causing major service impact and/or loss of sensitive data.
    PowerSchool does not use Bash and PowerSchool servers are Windows OS based, therefore having no vulnerability to the issue.
    It is possible that some customers are using an Apache image server running on Linux …

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